This site is about the obvious, the weirdly obvious. This site is about all the abnormal things that pass us by with a “Yup, that’s normal.” This site is about you, and me, and all the curious causes that make our world as strange as a supermarket.

Believe you me.

Supermarkets are freaky strange.

At the moment I’m classifying all the weirdness into two types. First are cultural paradoxes. These are the aspects of society that are unforgivingly illogical. They ought not be true. Yet they are. Why?

Second is everything else. It’s a work in progress okay! These are the weirdly common. They aren’t straight up paradoxes, yet something smells. It feels like we’re passing little green men in the streets and doing nothing more than wondering if the immigration laws need tightening up. It just aint quite right.

Why care about all this bizarreness?

One, this is all far too vexing, perplexing, and hilarious to just walk past. Someone has to dedicate themselves to bizarrology. It might as well be us.

Two, weirdness is deeply revealing. Weirdness is seldom chosen. So when we all start acting like freaks…? That, my friends, is the sign of something powerful afoot. Gather up in your arms enough of the world’s weirdness and you might just learn to see the invisible – all that lies under the obvious.

(P.S. Spotted some cultural paradox, some weirdly common weirdness? Let us know about it in the comments below. I might even be able to figure out why it exists.)



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